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  • How to start a Youtube channel and it can help you increase your audience faster than any other platform
  • How to turn your art into video content for Youtube and how to create it, record it and optimize it to reach a wide audience
  • How to promote your channel for faster growth so that you can start building your own community!


Youtube is one of the best platforms to grow your audience as an artist!

In this  FREE video training series  you will learn the keys to growing a successful Youtube channel for your art! 

It's the same system I used to grow my channel from 0 to 14,000 subscribers!

Lucia's guidance on starting my YouTube channel was extremely helpful and walked me through everything I needed to know, including monetization, growing my audience, and using music and other useful tools. With her help, I am able to continue making art I'm good at and love, and to inspire younger viewers. Her help has been phenomenal, and offers pro advice during slow months and to allow me to keep making a living full time.

Tommys puppet lab profile photo

Puppet making channel - 350k subscribers

Lucia has helped me so much with my YouTube channel- especially in the beginning stage of growing my YouTube channel. She walked me through how to set up the Adsense account to monetize my videos- she made what seemed so complicated so simple.
She also explained how to research keywords to come up with titles which helped ranking my videos high on YouTube and Google. She taught me most of what I know about YouTube. Iā€™m so thankful I reached out to her for help!

Ashley at Signed with heart

ASL teaching channel - 189k subscribers