About Me

You’ve got great ideas but you have a hard time turning them into an actual drawing. It never looks like what you had imagined in your mind and that is so frustrating!

You don’t want to resort to asking your friend to draw for you or commissioning an artist everytime you come up with an incredible idea. You want to do it yourself. You know you can do it yourself. All you need is some guidance to unleash your potential!

You won’t have to say “I wish I could draw like you” anymore, you will be able to draw like a pro!

That’s what I’m here for, friend!

I’m Lucía, a digital artist from the North of Spain and I will help you become the artist you've always wanted to be, one brushtroke at a time!

When I was younger I used to spend countless hours playing videogames, watching anime (can I get a heck yeah!?) and sketching my favourite characters. Man, that was the life!

Even so, a thought kept crossing my mind every single day:

I wish I could draw like that

And one day, it simply dawned on me that I truly wanted to draw like that. Before I realized it, I was spending more time drawing and improving my skills than playing videogames or watching anime.

10 years of art improvement - painting dreamscapes

Fastforward to today, my art has improved by leaps and bounds, I’ve become the artist I always wanted to be and I was able to turn my passion into my career.

You can do it too, friend.

I will guide you through every step of the way, providing useful resources for you to learn from, constructive criticism to polish your art and above all, encouragement to reach for your dreams and seize them.

If you’re ready to start your creative path and get your learning on, you can access my resource library, join our Facebook group to have a community of artists to nurture you and help you along the way as well as weekly tips delivered right into your inbox if you sign up below!


Who's the girl behind the art?

I was born and raised in the North of Spain, surrounded by nature and pretty landscapes!

Exhibit A:

photo of Lucia smiling at the camera

This inspired my love for nature and the environment, which eventually led me to study a degree in Biology at my local University.

One year into my Biology degree I realized I actually wanted to be an artist. I couldn’t drop out of my degree to attend an art school, so I continued developing my art skills on my own.

I joined deviantART.com and made it a point to read and learn from as many tutorials as possible, accept constructive criticism from people and ask other fellow artists for advice on improving my skills.

Although I had many resources available, I had no one to guide me through and point me in the right direction. Trial and error became my bread and butter.

I was determined to become a better artist so I kept practicing as regularly as my classes at University allowed me to! You might think it would have been better to quit art until I was done with my degree in a couple of years... but ain’t nobody got time for that, my friend! 😉

The will to improve and the lack of time pushed me to find new ways to learn faster and more efficiently. Luckily for you, I’m going to show you how to do it if you stick around!

It’s been a decade since I decided to take art seriously. Looking back I can tell it was not an easy process but it was 100% worth it.

10 Facts about me!

  1. 1
    Not only did I finish my Biology degree, I also have a Master’s degree in Conservation Biology and Plant biotechnology! I spent a few years volunteering at my University’s laboratory, testing willows’ and poplars’ capacity for cleaning polluted soils by absorbing and accumulating heavy metals in their tissues (phytorremediation).
  2. 2
    I have an obsession with no-bake cheesecakes. I love them. I’m definitely not craving one right now...
  3. 3
    Back in 2007 I had a really awful drawing tablet that couldn’t draw straight lines. That made it hard to draw linearts, so I started working in a lineless, semirealistic style before I eventually decided I wanted to develop an anime style instead.
  4. 4
    During my years at University, I lived on 5 hours of sleep and I still remained productive and energized. Now, one of my biggest ‘fears’ is thinking I won’t get 8 hours of sleep on any given night. Looking at the clock and knowing I will only sleep for 6 hours makes me feel anxious. I guess my body wants to make up for the hours of sleep I lost in Uni! ;D
  5. 5
    I'm extremely sensitive to cold temperatures. Anything below 23ºC (73,4ºF) makes me feel uncomfortable *covers herself in blankets* Ahh, better!
  6. 6
    deviantART is the main reason I got this far in art. However, I’m a bit ashamed to admit that I first found out about deviantART 2 years before I decided to take art seriously. Back when I was 15 years old, my brain wasn’t ready for the world. I stumbled upon deviantART after a friend showed me an animation called “Cloud’s song”. It was one of my “I wish I could draw like that” moments. I thought to myself and I kid you not: “I wish I could have my own website to share my art like this deviant guy”.Can you believe I thought deviantART was the personal website of an artist called “deviant”? LOL, am I right? I couldn't speak English yet back then! Don’t judge me! I know better now!
  7. 7
    My native language is Spanish but I studied English at the Official Language School for 5 years. My favourite videogames at the time were in English and I wanted to be able to understand them properly, so I did my best to learn English and I eventually fell in love with it!
  8. 8
    My parents never thought I could make a living through my art. They believed a university degree would land me a good job. I love them for wanting the best for me, but a Biology degree and a master’s degree later, it’s art that pays my bills. Unfortunately for everyone, Spain doesn't invest much in science.
  9. 9
    I love helping people. If anyone asks for help, 90% of the times I will stop whatever I’m doing to help them
  10. 10
    My main goal with art has always been to be able to convey emotions to my viewers. I want to be able to make you feel contempt, sad, melancholic. Make you cry today and squee in cuteness tomorrow. I want to touch your heart with my art.
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