Ready to build a community around your art, make a bigger impact in your audience and earn more money?

I'm excited to help you become a successful artist and I've put together a few resources that will supercharge your results and help you get more people to see, love and buy your art. Check them out and let's get down to business!

Pricing Calculator & Income Stream Accelerator

thriving artist pricing calculator and income accelerator

Are you constantly second-guessing your pricing and fearing it may be too high, too low or simply just not right?

 Well, that ends now.

This pricing calculator will tell you how much you need to charge and which income streams to set up to hit your revenue goals, ever single time.

Plus, get monthly and quarterly income trackers to make sure you know how you're doing and hit your goals!

Savvy artist printable tracking sheets

savvy artist printable tracking sheets preview

Ready to make more money as an artist without the headache of keeping up with the numbers?

Raise your hand if the worst part of making money from your art is the headache you get when you have to go back to track what you sold, when, how much it was and 'gosh did I even make enough to pay my bills?? I don't even want to look at the numbers'!

The Savvy Artist Printable Tracking Sheets are a set of 6 printable sheets made to help artists like you easily keep track of your income, expenses, workload, and everything in between so you can focus on creating incredible art instead of crunching the numbers.

Thriving Artist Income Accelerator Mini Course

Thriving Artist Income Accelerator Mockup

Confidently price your art without second-guessing yourself, set up your most profitable income streams and start making good money from your art.

What's standing in between you & an incredible career bringing worlds to life, impacting people and making more money than you did in your 9-5?

The Thriving Artist Income Accelerator is an action-packed mini course that will show you how to monetize your art and quickly scale your revenue so that you can have consistent, stable income coming in every month (even if you take a vacation!).

If you're tired of trading time for money, this course is for you.

Thriving Artist Blueprint Course

Thriving artist blueprint mockup preview

Are you ready to finally grow your audience + make a living from your art?

You know there's much more to being an artist than learning to draw, but you’re feeling stuck, overwhelmed and confused by all the options.

This is your exclusive blueprint to getting more people to see, love and buy your art.

In this course you'll learn how to find or develop a style you love, choose your tools and art programs for faster growth, build a community of people who love your art, defend your art from thieves and make money from your art so you can have a profitable + fulfilling career. 

Are you ready?

Plan your roadmap to success Digital planner

Your new secret weapon to make time for your art and never let your art projects rot in the back burner again.

Do you have so much to do everyday that working on your art is always on the back-burner even though  it's your biggest passion?

I. Totally. Get. It.

What you have to do is always taking priority over what you want to do.

But, that's about to change.

check out my Masterclasses

Not ready to invest in the complete Thriving Artist Blueprint course? You can now buy the modules individually! 

Get ready to start learning and implementing on the topics that you need the most help with and seeing your efforts pay off!

You'll find masterclasses and mini courses on:

✦ Finding your art style
✦ Choosing your tools and art programs
✦ Getting noticed online & building a community of raving fans
✦ Copyright basics and how to deal with art theft
✦ Making money from your art

Ready to turn you passion into a successful business that fulfills you and pays your bills?