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Inside you'll find...


Printable workbooks to help you dig deeper into your goals, feelings and come up with strategic plans to grow!


Guides to help you learn and implement no-fluff strategies to get more people to see your art.


Video tutorials to help you improve your drawing and painting skills and create even better artworks!


Journal prompts to do the inner work to release negative feelings & rekindle your passion for art!


rekindle your passion for art journal prompts

Feeling like that art block you've been dealing with for a few months now may be more than that? If you've lost your passion for art and need help to rekindle it, these journal prompts will help you do just that!

Rekindle your passion for art

Journal prompts

pricing your art with confidence workbook

Do you want to start selling your art commissions but you have no idea how to price your art? Fill in this workbook and you'll know exactly what to charge for your art!

Pricing your art with confidence


on my way to loving my art journal prompts

Do you hate your art and find it hard to enjoy it or accept when others tell you that your art is great? Use this journal to shift your mindset and start loving your art instead.

On my way to loving my art

Journal prompts

how to find your own style workbook

Do you wish your style was more unique or characteristic? This workbook will help you find your own style or develop it from scratch so you're head over heels about it!

How to find your own art style


avoid copyright infringement checklist

Copyright infringement can ruin your life as a growing artist. Not on my watch! I'll show you how to prevent copyright infringement & stay safe in 5 steps!

Avoid copyright infringement


finding your way as an artist workbook

These 'Finding Your Way as an Artist' worksheets will help you hone in on why you want to be an artist, set goals for yourself and find your way as an artist!

finding your way as an artist


figure drawing basics practice sheets

Do you struggle to draw fullbody and dynamic poses? These figure drawing sheets can help you draw better bodies with ease!

Figure drawing basics 

Practice sheets

how to color anime hair tutorial

This tutorial will show you how to color anime hair like a pro in a very easy and quick way! No more taking ages to colour hair!

How to color anime hair


how to color anime eyes tutorial

Want to color anime eyes with ease and in no time? This tutorial will show you how to color eyes in under 15 minutes! 

How to color anime eyes

Video Tutorial

how to paint sunny skies tutorials

Get your learning on! In this video you'll learn how to paint a beautiful sunny sky background with the fluffiest of clouds for your artworks!

How to paint sunny skies

Video tutorial

how to paint a foggy morning tutorial

Get your learning on! In this video I'll teach you how to paint simple but effective backgrounds! We'll start with a foggy morning/sunrise!

How to paint a foggy morning

Video tutorial

the organized artist planner

Want to know exactly what you should be working on and when in order to achieve your goals? Then this planner is exactly what you need!

The organized artist

Printable planner

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I'm so thrilled to have you in my community, friend! Now that you're here, you're going to learn everything you need to improve your skills, get more eyes on your art and start making money from your creative skills.

I'm going to be your in-house mentor and cheerleader so that you feel 100% confident in achieving your goals as an artist.

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