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Learning to draw takes time, resources and determination. But you know that's not the end all be all.

​You need to learn how to grow an audience that LOVES your art, the one thing you need to do to get any stolen copy of your art removed from the internet with no fuss, and how to turn your art into a thriving career that makes your parents shut up about art not being 'a real job'.

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Grow your audience

Learn my best tips to grow an audience full of people who love your art to the point of fighting each other to be the 'first' to comment!

​Protect Your Art

​​Art theft? No problem! I'll show you how to get any stolen copy of your art removed from any website. No fuss, no drama, regain control of your art.

​Make a Living

​Learn how to make a nice living doing what you love so that you can finally ​show your parents that art is BETTER than a real job.



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​Key Strategies & Info

​Don't waste time trying to figure everything out on your own. I will show you the strategies that work to succeed as an artist!

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