September 19, 2020


Ah, bummer. Not sure what to draw? Has the creativity-draining bug got you and all you’re drawing is a blank? Well, I’ve got your back! I’ve curated a list of 50 creative drawing ideas to get your mojo back and also draw some cool stuff in the process!

50 creative drawing ideas so that you always know what to draw - paintingdreamscapes

I didn’t want to create a boring list so I took my time to come up with creative beginners drawing ideas that even I would want to draw! Say goodbye to art block! 

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Without further ado...

50 creative drawing ideas to test your skills and creativity!

  • 1
    Choose a song you love, find a section of the lyrics that is inspiring and draw it
  • 2
    Draw the sight from the nearest window but include something creepy hidden out of plain sight
  • 3
    Draw a bowl of fruit, with cartoony faces + weird expressions as if one of them had farted and the rest knew
  • 4
    Ask the nearest person to say the first noun that comes to mind, design a character based on that noun
  • 5
    Draw a candy or gingerbread house
  • 6
    Paint a landscape using only shades of a single color (don’t use 50 shades of grey, just sayin’)
  • 7
    Draw someone watching the rain from their window, mood: 100% chill 0% Netflix
  • 8
    Draw an entire field of flowers paying close attention to the perspective to make the flowers near the viewer bigger and the ones farther away smaller
  • 9
    Paint a set of skyscapes for a morning sky, sunny sky, sunset sky and night sky - be very mindful of the colors
  • 10
    Draw the pose in which you sleep most of the time
  • 11
    Draw your favourite plant
  • 12
    Now draw your favourite plant as a humanized version
  • 13
    Draw a self-portrait of how you’d like to be/look in 5 years
  • 14
    If you have a partner, draw something lovey dovey featuring you both. If you’re single, draw how you feel about your current love life (or lack thereof)
  • 15
    Draw a happy family baking cookies together
  • 16
    Paint yourself as a Hogwarts student (which house do you belong to?)
  • 17
    Snow day! Draw someone playing in the snow, making a snowman, snowball fights, whatever you want, it’s snow day!
  • 18
    Draw a human version of your email inbox
  • 19
    Put your playlist on random order and illustrate the name of the first song that comes up
  • 20
    Take the most adorable and harmless character you can think of and redesign them into the most evil, vicious creature you can imagine
  • 21
    Now take the scariest, most evil creature you know of and turn it into the most adorable and squeezehuggable creature ever
  • 22
    Redesign your favourite pokemon and make it your own, it can’t be a copy of the original design
  • 23
    Draw someone dozing off under a big tree in the summer, with a cute lil’ bird resting anywhere on the person’s body
  • 24
    Draw a porch full of hallowe’en decorations and carved pumpkins
  • 25
    Meta time! Draw yourself drawing a drawing of yourself.
  • 26
    Paint an entire landscape using only shades and tints of a single color.
  • 27
    Come up with a completely new costume design for your favorite anime character
  • 28
    Draw something simple using the hand you don't normally use, or your foot, or even your mouth. Above all, have fun! 🙂
  • 29
    Draw a portrait of someone that means the world to you and give it to them.
  • 30
    Sketch a building that you really love and try to capture its beauty
  • 31
    Design a creepypasta creature and create a backstory for it.
  • 32
    This is it. It's time to practise drawing some hands! Draw at least three different poses for hands.
  • 33
    Draw a set of succulent plants and try to make it look as peaceful and relaxing as possible.
  • 34
    Think of one animal. Now think of another. Now create a custom creature that combines elements of both animals.
  • 35
    Paint a witch or wizard practising magic.
  • 36
    Paint a tribute to someone you held dear that passed on
  • 37
    Look back and draw a scene you remember from your childhood. Why is this memory important?
  • 38
    Draw some crystals and gems! Make them shiny and beautiful.
  • 39
    Where were you yesterday afternoon/evening? Illustrate what you were doing and where you were.
  • 40
    Do a "what's in my phone" challenge but with a drawing of it instead.
  • 41
    Make a portrait of someone you look up to and admire greatly.
  • 42
    Illustrate one of your country's most popular traditions. What makes it so special?
  • 43
    Tattoo time! Design something you'd love to wear as a tattoo (even if you don't plan to go through with it in real life!).
  • 44
    Where in the world would you love to live? Create an illustration featuring you living in this place.
  • 45
    Find the nearest candle and paint something based on its name (got no candles? search online and get drawing!).
  • 46
    Got too many feelings clogging your creative juices? Set a timer for 20 minutes and just doodle mindlessly on a piece of paper. Draw whatever comes to mind, scratch it, doodle, spill paint on it, scream at it, do whatever you want! No judgement here!
  • 47
    Find a daily life item and turn it into a Pokémon
  • 48
    Try the 'Style Challenge' and draw something in your style and in the style of 5 different artists whose styles you love (can be individual artists, or "The Simpsons style").
  • 49
    Draw the scariest nightmare you've ever had.
  • 50
    Test your skills! Redraw one of your first drawings and see how much you've improved!
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Over to you! Which drawing idea did you like best?

Which idea from the list you’d like to try first? Do you have any crazy fun idea that you’d love to see added to the list? Let me know in the comments and I’ll update the post with your idea + a link to your site or gallery!

Stay creative,

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