April 8, 2021


If the thought of drawing something makes your arms feel impossibly heavy, your energy plummets and the biggest “oof” comes out of you as if your soul were leaving your body… You may be suffering from a big case of artist block (but you didn't need me to tell you that, right?).

But… what if it’s more than just a simple artist block? What if you’ve actually lost your passion for art? 

That's a BIG question and you may feel conflicted to even think about the answer. Let me tell you, that's completely normal!

In this post I'm going to show you how you can regain your passion for art in 3 easy steps with a series of thoughtful journal prompts I've prepared (and used myself!) to help you uncover the root cause of your artist block and what you can do to rekindle your passion for art.

And... What to do if it's truly the time to hang up your artist hat.

how to regain your passion for art with thoughtful journal prompts

Step 1 - Tune Into Your Feelings And Hold Space For Yourself

The first step to healing and patching up your creativity leaks is to understand what you’re feeling and giving yourself permission to embrace it. 

Your feelings are one of the ways your body has of letting you know something’s not right. When you try to ignore or get rid of your feelings without addressing what’s causing them, things get worse and they start seeping into other areas of your life. 

So, it’s key that you take some time to just be in your body and feel your feelings. That may sound cheesy but I’ll be darned if it doesn’t work. 

Hold space for yourself. No judgements, no shaming. 

Close your eyes. Breathe deeply. Feel into your body and tune in to every little nook and cranny.


  • How does your body feel when you think of drawing or creating something? Do any parts suddenly feel heavy, tired or even in pain?
  • What emotions come up for you when you imagine yourself trying to draw but struggling to create anything?
  • How long have you been feeling this way? Has this improved or worsened over time?
  • Looking back, how did you feel when you created art in the past? What are the main differences in the way you feel about it then vs now?

Remember to hold space for yourself and give yourself grace as you look inside and begin to regain your passion for art 🙂 

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Step 2 - Dig Deeper Into The Root Cause Of Your Artist Block

Creative blocks can happen for a thousand reasons but when your art block starts feeling like a permanent state of mind, it’s time to dig deeper to find the root cause and fix it. 

However, if you don’t take the time to do the inner work needed to heal the root cause of your artist block, it will continue manifesting itself until you do. It’s a symptom, so let’s get to the actual problem and nip it in the bud 🙂

Take out your favorite notebook, find a quiet space and journal what comes up for you when you think about these questions:


  • When was the first time you noticed this was happening? What was happening in your life at the time?
  • Can you pinpoint a specific moment or chain of events that could have sparked this feeling? Take some time to dig deeper and see if you can remember any details that may give you more insight on what caused you to feel this way.
  • If it’s at all possible, can you reframe what happened in a more empowering way? For example, if your art block came about because you had a few mean people tell you to quit drawing because you’re not good and you’re wasting your time. Ouch. But, can you reframe it so it becomes a more empowering situation? What if you reframe “You’re not good, you’re wasting your time” into “If I continue practising and doing my best, I’ll become an incredible artist, guaranteed.”

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Step 3 - Next steps to regain your passion for art

Now that you’ve identified how you’re feeling and where those feelings and beliefs are coming from, you can take the next steps to regain your passion for art.

One thing I personally found very helpful was to look back and think of when I was still having fun drawing. To remember what it was that made it so enjoyable. Which parts were the most fun? Which ones didn’t I like too much?

Browsing back through my gallery and seeing the artworks I created back then also helped me see what I was creating and why these pieces were so important to me. 

The common denominator was creating “moments”. I could freeze special moments in time with my art. Moments that were meaningful, special, treasured memories.

Reminiscing this helped me reconnect with my “why”. Why did I become an artist? What was it that I wanted to do with my art above all? Convey emotions to people with my art.

When I sit down to draw and I tune in to that desire to convey emotions, my creativity flows again.

Now is your turn to find what your next steps are to rekindle your passion for art!


  • What was your favorite part of drawing? What made it FUN? Why was it so exciting and entertaining for you?
  • What were your biggest sources of inspiration back when you were at your creative peak? Can you notice any that you’re no longer using or surrounding yourself with regularly? If so, what was the reason?
  • Take a trip down memory lane and browse through your favourite artworks from when you were at your highest creative peak. What’s the common denominator in them? How do you feel looking back?
  • What is your biggest “why” as an artist? Why did you create your art? What was your main goal?
  • Why is it important for you to regain your passion for art? What would your life look like if you stopped creating art?

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What should you do if you still can't get your passion for art back?

Once you answer the questions, do the inner work, try every experiment you can to regain your passion for art… If it still doesn’t come back, you may have to ask yourself the hardest question of all: 

Are you ready to stop being an artist?

All journeys in life come to an end sometimes and it doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Maybe you had a really incredible time being an artist and your heart is telling you to pursue something else now.

Moreover, you’re not committed to being an artist for life. You can be an artist for as long as you enjoy it and have fun with it. If it stops bringing you joy, you shouldn’t force it. 

Now, sometimes we forget to have fun and we can remind ourselves that we should be enjoying the process. And we can find ways to make it exciting again.

But if nothing works, it may just mean you’ve arrived at the final destination of your journey as an artist and it’s time to move on and find something else that allows you to express your creativity and have fun. 

However, that’s not to say art can’t come back to your life later on. It’s happened countless times before. Follow the flow instead of forcing it. 

Over to you - How are you going to rekindle your passion for art?

Just to recap, so far you’ve learned that sometimes artist blocks can be more serious than just not being able to draw. It can turn into a permanent state that makes you lose your passion in art. 

It’s okay to feel that way and you should explore those feelings and thoughts without judgement so that you can then look deeper into the root cause of your art block. 

If you do the inner work, you may find what’s causing your creative block and fix it, or reframe it so it becomes a more empowering situation for you. 

And by remembering what made art so fun and meaningful to you, you can start to rekindle your passion for art and make it enjoyable again!

But, if that doesn’t work, you can always be honest with yourself and see if this is just your soul telling you your journey as an artist is over and you’re ready for new and more exciting adventures.

Rooting for you,

Download my FREE printable journal prompts workbook and start your journey to rekindling your passion for art!

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